We at REDCAT LABS PVT LTD cater to the requirements of the organizations & individuals and work consistently towards the development of revolutionary technology.


We are backed by Experts, Professional Engineers and Laboratories, all these resources make us a competent and reliable partner for you and your projects.


While developing the world-class products, continually improving the quality and environmental friendliness of our products are at the core of our values.

REDCAT Labs, a Research, Engineering & Development Centre for Advanced Technologies Lab is passionate about contributing to world by making the planet Greener through its Innovation in the different areas like Automation, Transportation and Charging Infrastructure. We strongly support “Make in India” campaign initiated by our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly & sustainable systems for the betterment of quality of life.
Over the years there has been a remarkable revolution of new technologies which have opened doors for the EV industry all over the world. After taking a deep theoretical approach towards these latest developments we at REDCAT Labs are aiming to provide Sustainable Energy Solutions.
While we aim at presenting a revolutionizing concept to the market, we ensure that our comprehensive bussiness solutions towards the development of Smart Cities and the Electric Vehicle will spearhead the renewable energy movement for a cleaner and greener environment globally.


  • We promote the learning and exchange of ideas related to technology, automation and software system.
  • We nurture the dormant productivity of the industries by integrating advance technologies to their products and machinery.
  • We are developing next generation transportation systems and pushing towards adoption of zero emission vehicles to make environment clean and green.
  • We are working on Smart Automotive Systems, Battery Technology and smart energy Infrastructure.
  • We ensure that our comprehensive business solutions will spearhead the renewable energy movement for a cleaner and greener environment globally.




Smart cities is an emerging concept which includes multiple sectors in power transport and many others. We at REDCAT LABS PVT LTD are focused on introducing our qualtiy products like Smart Autonomous vehicles, charging stations, charging hubs and smart utility meters for contributing to new wave of technology for betterment of life.


Out of 20 cities in the world with highest levels of polluted air 14 are in India and Transport sector can be blamed for most of it. 60% of the total green house gas emmission is from vehicles in various sectors. This is a problem which needs to be controlled now or more harmful effects will follow which is why REDCAT LABS PVT LTD is developing Electric Vehicles for Indian Market integrated with alternate energy sources to reduce electric energy usage from conventional power souces.


Electric Energy consumed is increasing year by year and need of using Renewavle energy sources of energy has never been higher as requirement increases in this digital era. REDCAT LABS PVT LTD is commited to do R&D on new alternate energy sources and providing PV panel and Wind turbine solutions for commercial or personal usage.